Hello! I’m Lauren and I am a huge lover of all things food! Whether it’s cooking, baking or enjoying restaurants – I am obsessed with flavours and recipes.

From a very young age I have always been in the kitchen whipping up breakfasts, dinners and bakes. My dad used to be a chef in the big time restaurants in London so a lot of my passion and skills have come from him! I just have a huge love for food and take appreciation in every single bite.

I started my instagram @laurens_food_blog after being put on furlough during lockdown so cooking and baking became my therapy through it all. I wanted to place to connect with other foodies and record all my dishes so here I am today!

I recently became a vegetarian so if you’re looking for veggie comfort foods you have come to the right place!

Please feel free to reach out for any recipes, collaborations and enquires! Looking forward to sharing more food with you all!

Love, Lauren x